About Bunnytech Digital

Who We Are

There is no prize for being the biggest business in town and our growth will always come second to doing the right thing by our clients, our team and the community. Our purpose is to create business, better everyday and those two mantras along with our values you can read about below are our north star.

But who are we?

We’re a team of passionate innovators, change-makers and creatives committed to your business’ growth and success. In today’s fast-moving and dynamic world, performance tracking, measurable results and a focus on your brand image are more important than ever. As a business, you deserve accountable, innovative and results-driven marketing with an educational approach – we build digital campaigns aligned with your business goals and track performance from end to end.

We report to you without the fluff, focusing on the things that matter to you; what you’re spending, what you’re making and where your brand is going.

Create Business. Better Everyday. You’ve arrived, welcome to Dilate.



We are motivated and driven by results and growth of your digital marketing


We have the courage to think outside the box and come up with creative marketing solutions for your business.


Leadership is a choice, not a title. We like you to lead in your business endevours.


To ourselves, our team and our clients. Own your role, be confident and back your self.



To be open and honest in everything we do, and honour the trust given to us by our clients.


The human element. To be selfless and lift each other up. To walk a day in our clients’ shoes.

Are You Ready to

create more business?